Addresses (sender and/or receiver) are usually part of a document.

Address extraction

In our extraction process we rely on our own internal address management proxy to improve our extraction rates. To give you additional matching measures, we provide an address_id, which is our internal reference to that address.

The address changed!

In some cases, we might update the address if a company moves to a new location, in this case you will get the updated address, while it still has the original address_id. By providing the same address_id, you are able to update your address as well, if that is convenient for you.

Company vs private address

We don’t explicitly indicate if it is a company or a private address, but we do only fill in either value company_name or contact_person_name accordingly. Based on that, if no company_name is given, we expect it to be a private address.

Address attributes

All fields (including address_id) are optional, none of these are required and will only be provided if available. Addresses are in general readonly and will not be specified any further.

created_at The address creation date.  
updated_at The address update date.  
address_id Integer Internal Parashift Address ID
company_name String Name of the company
contact_person_name String Name of the contact person
street String Name of the street
house_number String House number
post_office_box String Post office box
postal_code String Postal code
city_name String Name of the city
country_code String 2 letter ISO Code of the country
vat_id String VAT Number of the company if available.